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Be in the know with your H2O
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Did you know?

that for adolescent kids

don't drink any water during the day


are partially dehydrated


is the recommended daily consumption

Staying hydrated can ...
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Sources: American Journal of Public Health, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and University Health News 

What is HydroPal

HydroPal helps kids stay hydrated in a fun and interactive way!

HydroPal is a smart water bottle cap with a companion mobile application that helps kids track hydration, engage in a build-your-own fish tank game, and interact with your peers.  

The smart water bottle cap replaces the existing cap on your water bottle. The product is compatible with most major brands, including Swell, Nalgene, Hydro Flask, Contigo, and others.

Price: $20

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Inform Hydration Level

Gamified Experience

Customized Cap Size

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Inform Hydration Level

Our cap has a built-in sensor that tracks when water enters and leaves the bottle, and registers the amount in your app to show you how much you’ve hydrated that day.

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Gamified Experience

The fish tank game helps kids track their hydration progress. The smart water bottle will transmit the data to the app.  Kids earn coins when they drink water, and can use those coins to buy more fish and decorations for their fish tank. 

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Customized Cap Size

The product is compatible with most major brands, including Swell, Nalgene, Hydro Flask, Contigo, and others. Simply choose your water bottle brand, and we will take care of the rest!

Our Product Aspirations

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I was concerned about my kid's hydration before getting HydroPal. Now, I know he's well hydrated and practicing healthy habits.

 I used to forget to drink water. With HydroPal, I now receive a reminder from my phone! That's so cool! 

I used to try and keep track of how many water bottles I drank per day, but I often just lost count. Now, HydroPal records my hydration level. Plus I can interact with my friends too!

It's great seeing my kid learning to form healthy habits with the help of HydroPal!



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